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Monitor your store

One glance at the Overview dashboard will provide you with the most important information.

  • Analyze the number of orders, sales value and average order value.

  • Track the conversion rates to turn your visitors into customers. Make small improvements to your store and monitor their impact.

  • Monitor the abandoned cart rate and use the best tactics to get your customers back.

  • Analyze the bounce rate to improve conversions.

  • See insights created especially for you.


Understand your customers

Learn everything you need to know about your customers preferences.

  • See the sales value by devices, sources, browsers and operating systems. Compare different periods, analyze historical data.

  • Track the total number of sessions, returning visitors, new visitors and unique visitors. See when the visitors arrive to your site. Prepare discounts, contests and advertisements tailored to their preferences.


Improve your sales performance

Increase the sales effectiveness of your site.

  • Check sales and the number of orders during a specific period. Compare the values within different time periods.

  • Monitor the average order value for your marketing strategies. Choose the one that works best.



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We already support integration with Shopify. Additional integrations coming soon.

  • Shopify
  • Google Analytics
  • Magento
  • Google AdWords
  • PayPal

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