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Online shopping becomes more and more popular. People who want to sell something but don’t have an idea or money enough to rent a local, find their place in the Internet. There are a lot of ways to run the business and create your own online store. But how to tell others about our existence in this kind of shopping?

Content Marketing

If we’re talking about content, remember that it’s not only about blogging – you have to take care also about products descriptions, “about me” subpage, references etc. – all the places where words are important. Make them clear but interesting – it attracts customers as well.

1. Blog Well And Blog Often

Content is the king! Even if your website exists somewhere and your customers know about it, it’s great to show them the other place where they can find something more than your products or services – lots of useful advices, news about the new stuff in your store, informations about planned discounts. Take care of the value of your writing – if you want to gain the audience, your post have to meet clients needs. Remember to find your niche – don’t write about the same subject constantly, try to figure other topics related to business you’re leading.

2.  Make An Infographic

Content is not only made by words, because, we have to remember that all the ways we can use to tell the potential customers about your brands is useful as well. Why don’t you make an infographic? It’s a piece of knowledge in one pic, way more easier to share than usual article. Try to eg. show the people how your product works, how it can improve their life. It also a nice way to break up long parts of texts or paragpraphs – makes your post way more attractive.

3. Link Out

Contrary to popular belief, linking to other sites doesn’t make your SEO weak. Especially when i’s about customer’s trust to your store, because you show them thaem other resources where they can read more about what they’re interested in.

4. Interview Someone

Invite someone who knows you niche and can tell people something more that they can find on your website. People like when somebody legitimizes their choices, especially when it’s a well-known person. Except an interview a live chat with an expert can be useful – those meetings can help you gain your audience and turn potential clients into real customers. Use all the power of the Internet – it will happen on your website, so after that there is only one simple step to buy something!

Link Building

Advertising when you’re leading business online is important, maybe even more than in the reality, because you you have limited chance to show potential customers your products. That’s why you should invest some time in link building process.

5. Write Guest Posts

Try to appear on other blogs from your niche – make contact with other bloggers. Try to appear everywhere your potential customers might be. Your name will be linked with more places in the Internet and it’s great for your SEO especially when it’s connected with proper keywords. And don’t forget to reconcile a link to your website/blog with the owner of site you’re posting!

6. Get Products Reviewed

Collect all the feedback about your website/product/service and post it on your blog or as references on website.

Try to get reviews on other websites – find experts from your niche (or bloggers) and send them your product for testing.

Trust us, even if you will have to give it to them for free, the results in SEO (and in selling, of course) will definitely be invaluable. But remember – practics like link buying are harmful, so just be patitent and don’t invest your money in misguided ideas.

Online Shop Magazine
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7. Link to your products

Don’t forget about this part of link building – even if you will be the one who will use those links, it’s really good to build its strenght. Take care of the content value on product pages as well, make them interesting for potential customers. Remember that it’s one of the ways of contact between you and your clients!

8. Don’t forget Social Media!

It’s a place where you’re closed with your real (and potential too) customers like you’ve never been before. Engage them with interesting content, write advices from your niche, share your blog posts with them, make contests.

And the most important – hear what they’re thinking about your product and always reply to their criticism, even if it’s made of sad words.

Being in Social Media lets you know what people really need, so don;’t forget to read their comments (even if they’re not talking about your product directly) and ASK them in posts!

Your Products

There is only few places for shops selling almost everything and they’re giant, so competing with them is not so easy. Fortunately, there is a way to arise in people’s minds – we just have to find our niche and attract potential customer’s attention.

9. Be More Niche

If you want to sell watches, you can always find your niche by selling only silver watches. It’s just a small example, but explain how market works. Maybe you’re selling gold and other watches at the moment, but creating yourself as an expert will definitely help you in gaining customer’s trust.

10. Add Unique Products

If you sell products that others sell too, you can probably only compete with them by reducing the price. Try to attract people with offering them something which is unique – make their needs research and find out if your competitors own it. This also will make people think about you as an expert.

11. Be Up To Date

Always be on time with latest innovations – don’t forget about market research. Try to always offer it before others to attract people – if they take the opportunity once, they will definitely come back to your store again. Don’t forget to keep this regularity to not rest on your laurels!

12. Value Service Over Price!

Don’t believe in a myth that price is always the most important argument in the purchasing process. If you offer your customers the most effective delivery terms, take care about them during the steps of purchase, be always at their service. Be close to them and keep asking their questions – it will make them pay extra money!

Online Shop Magazine
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Category Pages

If you’re leading online business, you probably sell more than one product. That’s why you should invest your time and money in expanded category pages.

13. Create Awesome Category Pages

Free your imagination and attract people with an interesting content. But don’t make a mess with the products – organize them with the key you choose. Invest in great quality photos and try to give as many details as you can. And always let people ask about the products – in comments or through live chat.

14. Offer Free Help

It’s both making places to ask on category/producs pages and giving all the contact details. But why don’t you put the link to matching blog posts with advices you posted on your blog on those pages? It’s also a way to communicate with your customers.

Product Pages

15. Use High Quality And Unique Descriptions

There is also a place where you can free your imagination. Giving all the details about the product doesn’t have to be boring! Be as descriptive as you can using uncomplicated language. But don’t forget that all the practices like writing poems aren’t allowed, because it make the content rather trashy than funny.

16. Use Rich Snippets

This practice makes your website content (and products as well) more visible for search engines. That’s why you should collect all the data and post it on product pages – model numbers, price, brand, description and main photo etc.

17. Allow User Generated Content

How to do that? Ask your customers for review and then post it on your website! It’s definitely great idea especially when you prepare something extra for them (eg. a discount on their next purchase). Also let them post comments under the products and always take care about reply!

18. Make Product Videos

Sometimes people don’t like to read descriptions, especially when they are long and too descriptive. That’s why you can use the Power of Internet – make a video with a guide or something where you can tell by yourself about this product. Use your imagination, because you can create a piece of interesting content this way too.

19. Connect Products To Blog Posts

Always try to connect your main website with your blog, that’s why you can use your blog as a sharing platform. Make lists and comparisons, create posts with useful advices using the products from your store, post infograpghics and videos. Remember that it’s also a way to contact with your customers, so don’t forget about checking comments there too.

And the extra, 20:

Try to believe that your shop will be successful. It’s the key! 

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