Sell Online With Shopify

Sell Online With Shopify

Selling online is pretty easy when you know the basics of e-commerce. But imagine, how great it would be having a solid and reliable support? It’s not that hard to find tools working with Shopify, but there is a lot of them in the market. That’s why it’s better when you have the proven one. Say hello to Shopify and start selling with us! 

Sell Online With Shopify In Those Simple Steps!

  1. Sign up to Shopify
  2. Choose the theme
  3. Make a list of your products
  4. Start selling!

Store on Shopify offers you lots of profits:

Easy installation and configuration!

Creating Shopify is really easy especially in relation to other storage systems.

Signing up takes so little time – just to think about the name and it’s done!

Then you have to customize your own store without worrying about products – they are delivered right now! It’s not necessary to have your own dedicated server to run Shopify. All the stores are storaged on company server, so you don’t have to pay extra costs.

Shopify is fully customizable!

In few simple steps you can customize the chosen Shopify theme to your own needs. Fonts, colors and logos can be modified easily to make your store different than others. You don’t have to know a lot about creating online store – just unleash your imagination and use it for free!

If you are ready to pay some extra euros, paid options will help you make the store elegant and unique.

Selling online

Shopify has all the features you need!

We understand that all the people have their own reuqirements, so we ensure the shtores technical support.

Extend your Shopify with thousands of apps, increase your SEO and chat with customers as well!

The most effective marketing methods are also at your service – Social media and mailing with MailChimp.

Shopify is trustworthy!

We know how important is to stay in touch, so be sure that you can contact us anytime! Your store is supported by experts who use their best efforts to maintain the servers and let it work  perfectly. If something is going wrong, feel free to ask us anything!

Shopify is mobile-friendly!

Mobile shopping goes so popular, so do it with Shopify! Almost every theme in ThemeStore is avaiable for mobile and it lets you shop online in the cloud using smartphone. Moreover, by running business from your phone you’re staying in touch with your customers almost all the time and have stocks and all the orders under control!

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