The Top 20 Most Popular Free Apps in the Shopify App Store

Top Shopify Apps

How to expand the abilities of your online store? Use Power of Internet and find the ones which meet your needs! Don’t mind the expenses – all of them are free, so you can use them easily to increase your sale process!


If you’re looking for a perfect app for shipping, choose Shippo – it lets you create your own shipping labels and track packages automatically. Save your time and money by managing the shipments in one place!
It’s useful if you’re shipping hundreds of packages of just couple of them in one week. With this app you can forget about looking for international custom forms! Can you imagine that it’s free? What a bargain!


Do you know how to manage your courier service easily? After Ship knows how to do it! Your customers don’t have to worry about their packages, they are notified about all the steps of delivery. Manage all the shipments in one place and choose from about 120 courier companies. With AfterShips you control every single package displaying tracking results on your store.


It’s a remarkable solution which lets you manage your online store easily. SimplyTick presents all the important data in one place without installing any other apps – pretty simple! Just open the dashboards and get key information about your store in real time. One glance at the desktop will show you your sales, orders, traffic sources, visitors, sessions, conversion rates, bounces and abandoned carts – isn’t is useful? To see historical data, simply select a different time period and enjoy the comparison charts.

Personal Bar

Personalize your shopping with a floated toolbar or footer which lets you get more buying customers! With Personal Bar you can make a one for yourself and target your potential clients with personalized offers. Don’t let them go and offer live chat session instantly! Reward them with discounts and coupons and engage them by building their trust to your store. Always be on time with call-to-action button!

Variant Images

Variant Images app is a Shopify add-on and it’s perfect when your store offers products available in various types (eg. colors, sizes and shapes) to convince customers that they’ve made the right choice. It’s based mostly on the pictures, because if your customer eg. choose the pink T-Shirt instead of regular white one, the image will change into this pink one. Isn’t it great?

Order Printer

If you don’t want to look for a third party app to print your invoices and labels, choose Shopify Order Printer add-on! Choose from lots of beautiful templates and customize them tu suit your needs. Customer service has been never that easy – with just few clicks your labels, invoices, recepits and packaging slips are printed in bulk, so the shipping process is much faster!


Optimize your online shop for both Android and Apple iOS devices with ShopPad. Make your store available in mobile version without having different sites under control. It’s really useful because most of the people use their mobile devices to search the Internet and buy online – that’s why you should take a look at this app!


Connect your store easily with Mailchimp for Shopify and create targeted mailing campaigns! Add your customers automatically – the system will ask them if they’re interested in getting news from your store. Creat your own subscription list and send your customers personalized emails based on their buying behavior. It’s a perfect tool when you want to reward your customers with discounts and coupons or recommend them products that suit their needs.

Facebook Store

Take a look at Facebook Store! Your shop doesn’t only exist on the website – remember that you can sell the product througn social networkings too. So, showcase what you’re offering on your Facebook Page. Let your customers share products with their friend, because it’s a great way to get some feedback!

Plugin SEO

Optimize your online store with search engine optimization by using this fantastic free SEO Plugin app. Indentify problems easily and solve them quickly without spending any money. Forget about laborious SEO process – this plugin checks it constantly and determines the verdicts.

Metafields Editor

How to extend your Shopify easily with utilizing information stored with products and variants for free? Metafields Editor is an answer! It’s not connected with SEO but lets you keep all the metafields like Namespace, Key Value and Key Type in one place!


Yotpo app lets you getting customer reviews shareable through Facebook and Twitter. It’s really useful when you’re looking for a source of driving new traffic and sales. Use the power of social media to increase your clients’s trust for free!


If you’re looking for perfect app to analyze your sales and marketing, SumAll will definitely meet your needs. Create automatically and easy reports in one place: sales, payments, paid ads, social, email marketing… Quicly access to all the collected data and get daily emails emails generated by the app.

AddShoppers Social Analytics

Extend your sales with adding social sharing buttons to your store – use the AddShoppers Social Analytics! Track which social networkings are the most popular through your audience. Let them Pin, let them Like, Let them Tweet about your products! Don’t you think that it’s a kind of free and reliable advertising?


ShopMail is s an alternative to Mailchimp for Shopify – make a subscribers list easily and manage what you want to send them. Help yourself with email marketing and automate the process of sending customers news from your store.


Manage multiple stores at once with Vantage – simple but effective analytics dashboard. Optimize all the departmens of your online shopping – marketing, sales and shipping in one place. It’s also equipped with variants of Facebook Campaigns, so you don’t have to choose another tool to manage it. Don’t waste money and predict the trends, so you could focus just on the goal you’ve set.

Want Button

Let your customers decide what they want to buy – install a Want Button on your Facebook or Twitter! Increase the traffic and let them track their favourite products using social networkings. Reward them with personalized offers and discounts.

Shopify Widgets

Shopify Widgets is an internal Shopify app which lets you build your own “Buy” widgetds. The’re fully embedable and personalized, based on HTML Code. It lets you share your products everywhere with Shopify security checkout for all the purchases.

Retail Tower

Connect your store with shopping comparison engines. Retail Tower helps you list your products on the most popular ones: Google, The Find, Bing or Amazon (and many more). Increase your online store’s popularity and increase the number of purchases.

Live Web Insights

Track real-time visitors by small tool for Shopify! With Live Web Insights you cans ee in a simple way who is vising your store right now, what they’re viewing – which products or category pages. It’s a great way to see where they discard the purchasing process, so you can draw conclusions what needs to be improved to increase sales.

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