5 E-Commerce Design Trends in 2016 To Level Up Your Online Shop

Design trends 2016

When we’re shopping in real world, it’s normal that we pay attention to how the store looks like. We check if it’s clean and tidy everywhere and the smell is nice. The same is with online shops – if website graphic design is at a high level, it is more trustworthy for potential customers. That’s why it’s really important to invest in store’s appearance – but how to choose between simplicity and rubbish?

Trends in e-commerce design are changing like in fashion, so it’s good to be still timeous with all the changes. One simple step and your e-commerce business will turn into a beautiful selling machine. It’s also important to consider the website as mobile-friendly, because people are shopping online using mobile devices more often now. Beautiful, easy to use and available for mobile – that’s the key to success!

1. Flat and Material Design in Pleasant Colors

The main advantage of using flat style is the website looks clearly, so it doesn’t make problems for potential customers to find what they are looking for. When colors are bright and pleasant for the eyes, it makes the graphic design perfectly simple. This type is suitable for all the kinds of online stores, but it will be the best for the young brands. Beginners should avoid exaggerated layouts, because it could make their goods unnoticeable.

2. Parallax Scrolling and Background Effects

Parallax scrolling is a site on which the elements scroll at different speeds creating a dynamic effect. This kind of website design is definitely a good choice when you want to hit a „wow” effect. It looks unique for sure, but only if is applied correctly. Parallax Scrolling highlights your product, so all the content should be adjusted. Using multiple backgrounds makes a sensation of depth, so browsing it is a really nice experience.

Material Design trend
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3. Full Page Background Images

We all know that posting beautiful product images is the key to success, because they cause nice feelings in potential customers. If they can be placed in category pages, why not put them as a background for an online store? You will be surprised how simple but beautiful effect it creates! Just choose the best and the most expressing photo and enjoy the sales!

4. Card Design

This type of online store design is probably the best if you want to provide as much information about your product as you can. Just choose beautiful photos, be as much descriptive as you can (but in a short way, because people don’t like reading long descriptions) and enjoy your user friendly and good-looking shop website. Using this template will definitely help potential customers find what they really need and make a good choice.

5. Minimalist Buttons

You don’t have to write long poems to attract people to products you’re selling. That’s why you should better choose something minimalistic. Call-to-action buttons with a beautiful background work perfectly and enchain potential customers without distracting them for the foreground message. It looks fresh, clear and attractive – what more could you want?


Finally, the extra tip – now it’s really important to make your online store user friendly. Based on the research more than a half people worldwide shop online on using mobile devices, so if you don’t have a mobile version of your store, you’re unattractive to your potential customers. You don’t want to loose them, right?

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