How to source products for your online shopping site?

Source products store

Some of the people are really lucky ones, because they sell online their own products – clothes, handmade toys or something else made by them. This kind of store is an opportunity for them, because they don’t have to pay the rent for commercial property (which is especially important when the business has already started). On the other hand, lots of the online shop owners sell the goods from other companies. How to find the source of products and trustworthy suppliers?

Beware of the people!

It’s not that easy to find a right supplier without knowing the market. This is a great opportunity for fraudsters – they are looking for naive people and abuse their ignorance by just pretend the company considered as a potential source of products. The scheme is always the same – a beginning online seller tries to buy goods from the supplier, but sending money unfortunately doesn’t mean products deliver. Fraudster build of course their immaculate image as trustworthy suppliers, so it’s not hard to trust them and transfer funds to their accounts.
That’s why the principle of trust is that important – always have everything under control if you don’t want to kill the business before it has started.

Smell a scammer

Leading your online business you have to learn how to know who is a potential scammer. The company which didn’t ask you about your tax number of business registration details always should be suspicious, especially when they offer products much cheaper than the others. Remember that it’s really important to check all the offers, because the situations when sobemody is offering you „a bargain”, but it’s more expensive in real can happen.
To make your potential supplier more credible, call to manufacturer and ask them if they signed a contract with this particular company. This will definitely help you decide if working together with them will pay you off.

Shipping supplier

Drop Shipping

This kind of leading your online business is an opportunity if the company doesn’t have its own warehouse. All the conditions are fitted to the type of store and offering products – the time and type of shipping. The owner should just create the shop and market his or her website.
The most important thing with drop shipping is to remember that the possible drop shipper should ask you about business registration details, because if it’s not a scammer, it should be a wholesaler.

Wholesale Lots

Most of the suppliers are wholesalers and they sell products in large amount. Splitting the big boxes with goods into smaller pieces doesn’t pay them off, because the whole process means less money earned and more work involved. Look for the suppliers with minimum order value and suit it to your needs based on previous experience. Always remember about preparation… in the stock just in case.

Client references

Your own experience of buying as a private, not a store, is also important. When you want to check your possible supplier, just buy something from the other shop they’re supply to find out how the system works – how is with waiting time, the quality of ordering products or just if working with the supplier is pleasant.

Remember that the success of your online business depends on your supplier support – your income, your reputation and ability to grow faster. That’s why choosing the right company to work with is that important.

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