8 Savvy Shipping Tips for Ecommerce Retailers

Shipping tips increase sales

What do you usually do when you’re looking for an inspiration? You probably search the answer in the Internet, browsing various websites about the subject you’re interested in. It’s always great to learn from the more experienced people because their knowledge is priceless. That’s why if it’s about online shopping we made a list of 10 useful tips for savvy shipping. If you want to help your potential customers complete their purchase without any problems and make your business  profitable.

1. Give buyers options

Most people prefer usual shipping without any extra options, but some of them might be asking for delivering their orders faster. That’s why you should always be prepared for those kinds of situations. The best solution will be if you provide relevant information in a separate place to allow your potential customers checking for details. Shoppers always want to have alternatives, even if they do not necessarily intend to use them; otherwise, they will find much cheaper shipping somewhere else.

2. Make your shipping policy clear

People don’t like when somebody tries to conceal something from them. Especially when it’s about the costs, as that makes them feel annoyed. The shipping policy should definitely be clear, because it makes you look trustworthy. Don’t risk losing customers just because something was intricate—try to do everything to success with your business, including all the paperwork.

3. Profit on products not shipping

Don’t even try to make money on shipping—better trust your clients that they believe you as a trustworthy seller and will prefer to buy goods given definite prices. Consider offering free shipping with a threshold—it will definitely help you gain customers’ satisfaction. Also try to beat your competitors’ shipping if it is possible, but always pay attention to the balance between failure and success.

4. Examine the competition

This tip is the most useful for the beginners. If you don’t have any discernment of the market it will be much better if you check what your competitors’ shipping options are. First, try to order something for them because it’s the easiest way to find out how the whole process works. Second, prepare the list of at least 25 successful online stores and compare their shipping options to find the average cost.

5. Give real-time shipping information

Most people like surprises but you certainly will never find anybody who likes to be surprised by additional costs. That’s why you shouldn’t forget about providing the real cost of shipping. Otherwise, customers may buy just this once but will definitely not order again. The same is true  about time of shipping—if the average time is, e.g., 3 days, don’t make people believe that it should be delivered in two days maximum.

6. Offer special shipping options

Always consider exceptional situations, e.g. when the customer is asking about immediate delivery. If possible—for example, because the client is currently in the same location as you are—why not making his/her dreams come true? Always remember that your customers are also one of the advertising channels, because sometimes hearing on the grapevine is more profitable than the sophisticated marketing strategy, especially on the local market.

7. Manage shipping, but don’t do the shipping

Outsourcing is one of the most popular trends these days; it allows companies save the most precious values, namely, time and money. It’s especially important when you don’t have to waste funds for having a warehouse. Find a reliable supplier and outsource this part of your business. Invest what you’ve saved into management and marketing strategies to help you grow the business successfully.

8. Watch the customers’ experience and talk to them

We live in times where everything is online—even all the things connected to customers satisfaction. Try to hear what your clients are saying about products you sell and do your best to improve your service in order to meet their needs. Read all the reviews they write in their comments on the website, draw conclusions from the opinions written using social media profiles. This is definitely the best source of what people think about your online store. Don’t be afraid to ask them.


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