5 Tips to Make Your First Sale

Tips to make first sale shopping online

You’re an online seller, right? You chose this way of making money some time ago. A reliable platform is chosen, domain is bought, products are ready to sell… The shop looks perfectly, because you invested in high quality photoshoots. One thing left is to launch it to the world. But, wait! Almost forgot about start selling…

How to start running your online business without any frustration with lower traffic than we’ve expected?

Here are 5 useful tips helpful to make the store wildly successful!

1. Be busy on Social Media

Now we know that one of the best way to drive customers’ engagement is having own profiles in the most popular Social Networking Websites. Facebook will definitely help you create the first audience. Launching the page is not so difficult, but then you have to attract the people. Invite all your friends first and ask if they can do the same with their friends – that’s how you can build the basics. Find out how to deal with Facebook marketing as well, because it will definitely help you increase the sales.

Don’t be afraid of using other social media channels! Attract people with contests and conversations  using high quality photos on Instagram and Pinterest, convert followers into potential customers on Twitter and make business contacts on LinkedIn. Remember that all the networkings are also great platforms to communicate with your audience – listen to them and make everything to meet their needs.

Social Media Selling Online Tips
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2. Exist in Search Engine

Most of the purchases come from search engines, so it’s incredibly important to invest in good SEO while launching the online store. Being higher ranked in Google means way more potential customers, because based on the research, 75% of people shopping online choose the first four results from search engine. Also consider being high ranked in comparison shopping engines, because it will help you win with other, price-driven shoppers.

Always look for advice in stats provided by analytics. Those data tell you about customers’ behavior – how they find your shop, what they are looking for, do your products meet their needs. This invaluable help when you’re trying to increase the sales.

Make your website mobile-friendly, because the number of smartphone users is constantly growing.

3. Content is The King

Website is running, business is launched, but you’re still before the first purchase. According to the popular saying, „Content is the King”, you should definitely invest in high quality products and categories descriptions. Try to be as much descriptive as you can, but don’t exaggerate, because your customers definitely don’t like to read essays while shopping. Provide also tips and tricks from your niche on your blog, potential customers will be delighted. But content doesn’t mean words only! It’s also high quality photos, videos, podcasts. Everything which is able to inform people what you’re selling.

Remember that content marketing is connected with SEO, so try be visible on other pages. Try guest posting and always ask for dofollow link to your online store or blog, because „Linking is the Queen”.

4. Don’t be afraid of PR

Always try to do everything to show your potential customers your best side. The best way to be noticed by them is selling a newsworthy and unique product. Even better if it meets up their unmet needs. Invest your money in a high quality press release at the beginning as well, to let people know that you already exist.

You can also raise the audience on your own blog. Try to find the an expert from your niche and interview him or her – the famous name will definitely engage people, especially if the industry influencer will answer their questions in comments.

5. Pay and play

Almost all of the social networking offer their own advertising platforms. Planning promoted tweets or Facebook sponsored posts will definitely engage way more people but even if you will choose the proper target audience. The power is also in Google Adwords, so don’t be afraid to pay for them, because they will give you faster results than any other advertising networks.

The other way to increase selling is also looking for websites from your niche and pay for banner ads there. The market is full of different formats, so you will definitely find the one that will meet your store needs.


Those tips before are worth investing, but consider also other ones. Use your family and friends and ask them for help through the grapevine. Don’t be also afraid to participate with others using online forums or real meetings, but always try to find your own niche. The best way to let your customers know about you is to w about you is ensuring them that the purchase is fully secure, because it  builds the trust.

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