6 Easy Tools Helpful In Successful Sales Increasing

Sales Increasing Tools

Internet is full of various tools helpful in all the areas of our lives. When it comes to selling online and business development, it’s not hard to find some, but choosing the proper ones is more difficult. One of the way you can do it is reading reviews on the websites dedicated to business technology. But we also want to help you – that’s why this small guide with our favourite tools was created.

1. Discover.ly

It’s always better when you’re connected with multiple channels at once. That’s why Discover.ly was invented – to help online sellers know how many connections they have exactly. And everything is at one glance – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail , as well as CrunchBase and AngelList. This Chrome Extension can merge all your social accounts into one clever communication centre. Share the connections, because you don’t know when it can benefit.

2. SimplyTick

It’s a remarkable solution which lets you manage your online store easily.  All the important data in one place without installing any other apps – just run the dashboard and enjoy keeping track of your sales in real time.  Analyze customer’s shopping behavior with seeing the value by types of devices, operation systems and browsers and time your clients spent in your store.  Find with many other features your own way to make the shop successful.

3. SideKick

It’s hard to measure how many emails have you exactly sent during the whole exist of your online store. That’s why it’s really important to choose a reliable tool when it comes to email management – sometimes the usual Gmail or another providers’ services are not enough. SideKick was invented to help you manage your online correspondence easily and get to know if your emails were opened or links in messages were clicked. All the notifications are coming in real time and you can also easily schedule your responses. Use it as a marketing software also and increase your sales!

4. Crystal Knows

Sometimes writing emails and all the responses is quite stressful, because different people use different styles of conversations. We often ask yourself “Can I use emojis our should I leave it cold?”. That is the place where Crystal Knows is incredibly helpful – it’s an app which gives you relationship advices based on unique personality profiles. They definitely know the sense of “Empathy” word, because their database can prepare you to speak or write in someone’s communication style. Using this tool prevents you from the mistakes – everything is collected in one place. It also allows you to create the separate conversation templates for all your recipients.

5. Streak

This is another tool which is based on the email value. Streak turns your Gmail into cloud-based CRM software for desktop and mobile. It makes your collaboration process really simple – just by single click all your contacts, files and emails or anything else you want can be shared. With Streak you won’t ever miss any other business opportunities.  Even though this tool is equipped with many useful features, the implementation process is pretty simple, so you don’t need anybody to help you.

6. Similar Web

Do you know the sentence “Don’t judge the book by its cover”? The same is with websites – even when the design is poor it’s not said that the statistics are poor also. To find out the value of particular website traffic choose Similar Web – an excellent tool with many useful features helpful in potential partnership opportunity measurement. It’s equipped with many useful features like SEO analysis, comparing with competitors’ websites, traffic sources and keywords tracking. Similar Web can also point what generates people’s interest which is really helpful when you want to change something in content provided.

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