Why SEO is crucial for your online business?

important seo tips

Most of the online sellers think that if they have run their online stores, the effect will be immediate and  they will be selling hundreds of products per week. Nothing could be more wrong! Existing in the Internet doesn’t mean that you’re visible for potential customers – it means that you have just started. And the way to be successful is long and sometimes inconvenient.

Search engine optimization is crucial for your online business – it helps you show the people that you can compete with other merchants. Based on the research, most of the people, if they are looking for something to buy online, choose the website from the first four ones and finalize the purchase there most frequently. That’s why you should consider investing in good SEO strategy to increase your website traffic.

And you can do that successfully by using the following tips:

Avoid duplicate content

It’s the major enemy for search engines, that’s why you should look to reduce it on your website. Sometimes it’s really hard for online sellers to avoid it, because some of the content can repeat in product descriptions. How to don’t get penalized by search engines for using duplicate content?

The answer is rel=”canonical” tag, but it should be used really carefully. Shopify provides the feature of automatically adding the attribute on all the pages. For more information about how this tag works, look here.

Seriously consider content strategy

The high quality content provided on your website is one of the keys to success when you want to sell the products online. Google loves when it’s unique and descriptive, but try not to overdue, because the effect will be opposite. Don’t be afraid of blogging – it’s also a place where you can provide details about your products, tips from your niche and news from your store – all of that is an additional value for your potential customers.

Don’t forget about optimizing product images

We’re living for tech-savvy era when people use all the search engine abilities to find what they’re really need. Image search has become one of the most popular functions, so you should optimize the photos on your website with keywords turned into ALT tags and file names. Always make sure that the keywords you’ve used are relevant!

Do not consider all the backlinks equally

If you want to seriously help your website by collecting the backlinks, you should be sure that they are valuable for your search engine ranking position. Backlinks divide into “dofollow” and “nofollow” and the way how they affect SEO are different. The first one validates your website’s existence. The second one just highlights that it exists, but doesn’t endorse it. Remember that links from social networks are usually “nofollow”, but if your content is frequently sharing, it’s the signal for search engine that it is probably a good piece of content.

Use your own product descriptions

Although the product makers are the most relevant people for giving the details about products, do not use their descriptions on your page. Why it is that important? Your content should be unique if you want your SEO to work. While copying manufacturers’ descriptions you can’t be sure that their content is SEO-friendly (even if it is, the keyword used by makers could not meet the ones you actually need for proper search engine optimization).

Don’t be afraid of customers’ feedback

This is the most relevant source to find out what your buyers really think about the products you’re selling in the store. The additional value is this kind of content is highly unique and can affect positively search engine rankings. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of knowing what your customers are thinking!

The structure is the key

It could be surprising, but the more organized your store is, the better chances for being more visible in search engine rankings you have. Consider adding landing pages specific to relevant group of products or brands. Creating keyword groups will definitely help you increase your position in search engine rankings, so you will be more visible for potential customers. The organized structure is also really helpful when buyers are looking for something – everything is clear and uncluttered.

Conclusion: Priority? Usability!

Always consider the fact that if something is good for your buyers, it will be also good for search engine rankings. Remember that your customers are the most relevant people to share the feedback about your store and if the structure, the content provided and  – what is the most important – the quality of products meet their needs, your store will be more and more successful. Do not skimp any money or time for a good SEO strategy, because this is the most effective way to drive you to the top!

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