5 Steps To Make Your E-Commerce Business More Productive

5 Steps To Make Your E-Commerce Business More Productive

We live in times when having some spare time is quite exclusive. There are always some reasons to be in rush during daily routine – we’re involved in lots of activities, but without any sensible plan. Our time management skills are poor also, even if we’re promising ourselves we will definitely improve it soon.

Leading own business force us to be productive, because if we want our store to be successful, we have to take care about being up-to-date with all the orders. So, how to be more productive with e-commerce business?

Find the right tools

You don’t have to look for the people to delegate some tasks. Some of your work can be replaced by using proper tools and apps, but how to find the right ones?

You should definitely invest in time tracking software if you want to improve your time management skills. This kind of tool will help you to know how much time is wasted on unnecessary tasks and decide which ones need more or less of your attention. If you will combine your time tracking software with project management tool, you will be definitely pleased with results and how effective you will become! Using it is also the perfect way to keep the billable hours under control, especially in case of delegating some parts of selling process to the others. Some of them are equipped with some other useful features like invoicing or budgeting, which will allow you keep all the business issues under control.

Spent your time wisely

We all know how easy postponing is. We live in times when everything can distract us, especially when it is connected with technology – the high availability of social media (show me the person who doesn’t use the smartphone to browse Facebook or Instagram at work).

Meetings are also productivity killers, so if you’re not leading your business just by yourself, schedule a special time for them, e.g. Monday morning to determine the weekly strategy and Friday afternoon to close the week.

Another common highly distractive activity is checking emails. That’s why you should find the right time during the day to check your box and write replies.

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Source: http://www.dreamsyncapp.com/2015/01/15/sales-invoice-template/

De-clutter your workspaces

It’s not easy to focus on the important things in messy place, so it’s really necessary to de-clutter the workspace. It helps you avoid being distracted and annoyed. A good work space has a positive impact on the health because spending time in the place you like makes you feel much better. It is very motivational and makes you want to work even when you don’t want to.

Schedule marketing activities

It’s highly recommended to control your social media and other marketing issues 24/7. Why? Because it is the most effective way to know what people are thinking about your store and products you’re selling. It is also a remarkable channel to communicate with them and you don’t know when they would like to reach you. This is also the place where you can utilize technology – a market is full of various marketing tools helpful to work smarter with emails or social media activities like Facebook posts or Tweets. Those tools will also help you determine the most effective time for your social publications.

Eat The Frog First

One of the most effective time management method is eating the frog. But what does it mean? If you want to eat the frog, you should finish the biggest and the most important tasks as early as possible. This way of thinking will help you avoid procrastination, because the most annoying task will be done first and you will have more time for smaller, but nicer tasks. An “Eat the Frog” rule can also be the first step to start prioritizing. Why it is that important? It’s the most effective way to keep all the orders from your store under control!

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Source: https://auntylala.com/2014/08/18/eat-that-frog/


If you’re leading an online business, it is highly recommended to avoid being late with finishing the orders. That’s why you should do as much as you can to be productive, because the results of great time management skills can exceed your expectations.

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