How To Sell Products Online Using Social Media?

Social Media Selling Tips

The Internet is full of potential customers ready to buy things you’re selling. It is treated like a stage where we can share our products and products with the audience and get in touch with clients. It creates also new possibilities of conversation, because we can use lots of different channels to communicate and tell the people about our existence. It’s connected with the increasing popularity of social media – but how to use them to sell the products effectively?

Leading own business force us to be productive, because if we want our store to be successful, we have to take care about being up-to-date with all the orders. So, how to be more productive with e-commerce business?

1. Find a place for your niche

There is lots of social networkings, but we have to remember that not all of them are perfect for our niche. That’s why it is really important to choose only right ones, especially when we care about not be accused of promoting things too pushy. Facebook allows us to engage people the most – almost all of us have our own accounts, so it’s not that hard to find potential customers there. Twitter and LinkedIn are more professional, but the results of promoting there are sometimes exceed the expectations.

Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram will help you not on only gain the audience, but also to engage people with visual messages. That’s why those social networkings are perfect for organising the competitions, because you can unleash your potential customers imagination.


2. Keep posting!

The key to success in social media advertising is posting high quality content. People like to read and often search for tips from various niches, so try to post this kind of content through your social channels. Provide advices from your niche in your blog articles and share them through all your social networkings. Create nice visual messages and infographic, because they they are highly engaging, forcing people to discuss about them. Inform your potential customers about discounts, news and successful moments – make them feel like an important part of your store.


3. Treat social media like a place to talk

If you want to make your store successful, you have to remember that it is really important to hear what potential customers are talking about your shop and products. That’s why you should read the comments under the posts as well as take part in conversations – it’s the most effective way to avoid the crisis. Always answer their questions by replying them in comments or writing private messages. The more close with your customers you are, the better they feel while visiting your store.  We all like to feel special!

It’s also a part of your selling activity where you can show the people that you’re an expert. It definitely affects the way your clients are thinking about you – it’s always better to buy something from people who know what they’re offering.

4. Always have a plan

There is nothing bad in being spontaneous, but try to make your social media activities orderly. There are lots of social media management software on the market which allows you to plan what will be posted daily. BuzzSumo or Hootsuite will definitely be helpful in social content planning. But don’t treat it too serious and always schedule some time for unexpected situations. Remember also about creating posts related to holidays, eg. for Christmas or Easter and promote your products using real time marketing.

5. Do it rather by yourself

If you’re leading an online store it is high likely that you don’t suffer for lack of time. That’s why you should not delegate your social media activities to others . You’re the one who knows your products the most, so you’re always ready to answer all the customers questions. Your clients will also be satisfied that they are talking with real person in comments instead of chatting with a bot. Try to do it by yourself, but if you really need a support, find a trustworthy and reliable person. Make sure that he or she has the proper knowledge about what you’re selling to avoid all the mistakes caused by misunderstandings.


Try to use all the possibilities offered by social networkings – gain the audience, engage your potential customers, post your content through all the channels. Always take care about the quality and remember that your social success is not measured by the number of followers!

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