Social selling – what is the key to success?

Social Selling

Most of the people are the part of a common social life by having their own social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are the most popular channels to promote products or services, because online publishers have become trendsetters using social networkings to influence their viewers. That’s why marketers started thinking about posting content there as an entire strategy.

Social selling is not just a part of brand existing in social media. It’s a process which is based on relationship between a potential customer and a leader who promotes an individual brand or company. Instead of posting regular updates about product, social selling is focused on use social platform to engage people and contact with them. This way of thinking is especially useful, because it helps to know what needs to be improved to meet customers’ expectation.

What is the key to success in social selling?

Choose the perfect platform

Promoting products or services in multiple channels is not always a good idea. That’s why it is important to find the perfect way to show people your product exist and it could meet their needs. Based on research, more than 75% people are social media users, the most common used is Facebook of course (and in the top three are also Youtube and Twitter). But how to find the perfect platform for our products?

First we have to ask yourself:

  • which social networking site is the most frequently used by my target audience?
  • where a chance of selling my product is the biggest?
  • which social media engage my potential customers the most?

Those three answers will help you define where your products should be promoted to make them easier to found by potential customers. It would also minimize risk of low conversion rate.

Social Selling Online Facebook

Plan your social media strategy

What we are posting on our private social media channels is less important than things posted on company pages. Remember that it is a part of your sales strategy, so it should be consistent with other brand activities.

Why planning is THAT important? Most of companies promote their products in more than one social media site and all of them require different types of content. It is almost impossible to do it successfully without any scheme, because excess work causes being overwhelmed. Even when we have an idea how to do it.

Here is a perfect place to utilize software created especially for social media marketing. An online market if full of various kinds of tools – most of them (like e.g. Buffer) are integrated with e-commerce platform, so they allow to post content from a store directly.

Content is a king

A successful marketing and sales strategy should be always based on content that matches audience needs perfectly. One of the greatest factors which affect conversion rate is the way how posted content can be useful for people – if it engages them, it’s a half of success. Social selling is based on positive feelings created between a brand and potential customers and there is no better way to ask them what they currently need than via social media profiles.

But content sharing is not all. We should of course, post as often as we can (but without exaggeration), but social media profiles can be also utilized as the way to communicate with our users as well. People admire “liking, tweeting, pinning and commenting”, they use social media profiles as places where they can express yourself. That’s why all the things we post in social networkings should be engaging, attractive and able to share.


Social selling is a perfect way to create a long term relationship between company and its potential customers. It is based on feelings, so that’s why it is important to take care about how people think about brand. This strategy should be planned and based on consistent content which is posted via properly chosen social media channel. But if we want to make it successful, first we should understand the power of social media!


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