Boost Your Business With Those 5 E-commerce Marketing Tips

Marketing tips how to boost sales

We all know how difficult is to start an e-commerce business. Especially when it’s not connected with any specific strategy – all we do is motivated by some random steps. That’s why it’s much better to learn from somebody who is more experienced than us. Here is the place where all the guides are useful – read about our 5 e-commerce marketing advices and become a master of your own online business!

Real-time Personalization

Most of the people like when websites they’re visiting are personalized with their interests and needs. But how to do it with fully effectiveness without guessing game?

First but highly proven way is to use non customer’s browsing history. Thanks to that you can define easily their interests and preferences, but remember – all the messages you will send to your potential customers should be relevant and targeted.

Don’t be afraid of encouraging people to complete the transaction – treat them as partners, not as needless sales process elements. Pay your attention to things that make your store uncluttered – remember that all the distractions  can disadvantage the possibility to make the purchase.

Keep in mind that if you over-personalize your content it can also decrease yous sales process, because it would make  your messages seem to be artificial.


Add a Live chat

If you want to stay in touch with your customers, you have to do it using multiple channels. Except for mailing, social media and call to actions on your website, you can utilize Live Chat. It is a place where customers can ask you before making buying decisions, so keep it under control constantly, because using it you can solve potential problems way more faster.

Having it on the website also affects conversion rate – resolving those issues can increase customers’ trust to your website.

But what are the most important reasons people trust Live Chat for customer service?

Why People use Live Chat

Offer free shipping

Do you like to pay for shipping? Of course not – most of us prefer when there is a opportunity to not pay extra costs.  That’s why if your store does not offer free shipping opportunity, there is a perfect time to change it and make a surprise for your customers. It also includes all the discounts and promotions – sometimes you have to coddle your customers, because it will definitely affect your conversion rate positively!

Automate your E-mail marketing

We all know how important is to save as much time as we can. That’s why automation is essential when you want to improve your sales results – you should also implement it into your e-mail strategy. It should be based on based on an appropriate research, because it will help you to send seamlessly hyper-relevant and timely messages, delighting subscribers.

Prepare a a few different variants of your messages adjusted to your needs. You should especially take care of the abandoners, because they decrease your conversion rate. Send them an email with an encouraging content, because there in no better way to remind them about your store than offering them a special discounts.

Once you will make your email strategy automated, you will see how powerful are the results!

Exclude Slow-Selling Items

Which products can be understand as slow-selling?

All the seasonal goods and those ones which have an updated on newer versions. We should also consider all the things that were sold less than once every quater or wasn’t been sold online at least in a month.

What to do with those items?

Try to sell them with giving an affordable pricing – all the discounts are very welcome.

It is necessary to have closeout sales, because everything which wasn’t sold out can cut the cash flow.


Those 5 steps are pretty simple, but if we want to be successful with our sales we should definitely take care about a positive workflow. Don’t lose your chance – implement them to your sales process and you will see the results instantly!


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