How Developing a SMS Texting Platform Can Boost Your E-Commerce Sales

How Developing a SMS Texting Platform Can Boost Your E-Commerce Sales

When you send a marketing text to a customer, chances are high that this text will eventually convert to a sale on a mobile device. According to Juniper Research, “More than 2 billion mobile users will make a mobile commerce transaction by the end of 2017″. This means that people are searching for goods and making purchases on their mobile devices in record numbers.

If you aren’t using an SMS texting platform to interact with your customer base, then you are missing out on a wide demographic of shoppers who might be looking for your goods or services. Adopting a texting platform allows you to reach your customers in an instant, share time sensitive deals, and provides you with an audience to share blog posts with.

Social Media and Your E-Commerce Business

How you interact on social media with your customers matters when you are running an e-commerce business. Your customers are likely to communicate with you on your social media platforms, and to learn about your business through the sharing of posts on social media. This means that you have to work hard to establish a solid presence on social media, with a strategy in place to create content that matters to your customers. You can then share links to your social media posts through SMS texting, and encourage customers to interact with your content on these sites.

Create Time Sensitive Deals

When you have the ability to reach your customers through a texting platform, you can create time sensitive deals that you only send out to those that have opted in to your texting campaign. This creates an incentive for others to sign up for your texting campaign and it gives your customers the value they are looking for when it comes to shopping for goods or services. When you are running an e-commerce site, any edge that you can gain on your competition will help make your business successful.

Building Your Data Base of Loyal Customers

Once you have adopted an SMS texting platform, you have to get customers to sign up to receive messages from you. This is done by either creating a short code and key word combination or by having customers sign up by providing an email and cell phone number. The short code version will include something like, “to learn more about our great deals, text the word SHOP to 12345”. You can’t just send out random texts to customers who are not in your database. In order to send out marketing texts, you must have the permission of everyone you are texting or you are not in compliance. Once you have built up a database of customers you can use this list to market your business through SMS texting.


As you work to build up your brand through the use of social media, and you promote your posts through texting, it’s important to stay on topic. Give customers the deals that they want, and always strive to provide new, interesting content to share.


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